Design office

Do you have ideas, problems, or challenges to be met? Our design office is waiting to help you find the best possible solutions to your needs, achieved by fostering a veritable partnership with you.

Our team of programmers and technicians are there to find original, reliable solutions, using our wealth of digital tools, which provide everything we need to meet your expectations.

  • Stamping simulation using finished elements: Coldform
  • Design: Solidworks / Inventor
  • Machining: GibbsCAM / AlphaCAM

Mechanical engineering

To be able to stamp complex parts and have complete control over the stamping process, Joseph Baume SA has a mechanical workshop equipped with computer numerical control machines (CNC) for machining, milling and engraving.

A team of skilled engineers and technicians bring their knowledge and experience to ensure we get the very best from this modern inventory of machines.

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Electrical discharge machining

The latest generation of electrical discharge machining centres for spark eroding.

These allow Joseph Baume SA to meet a broad range of requests which require development and mechanical construction.

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To create complex forms with an optimum finish whilst retaining the characteristics of the various materials used, complete control of the processes is key.

Our expertise in this field is our strength, and our exclusive feature.

Joseph Baume SA produces stamped parts for the watchmaking (case backs and middles, bezels, lugs, bracelet links, clasps), leatherworking, dental, medical and mobile telephone industries.

Thanks to our expertise, and to the new generation of presses housed in our workshops, Joseph Baume SA can stamp diverse and complex parts in the following materials:

Stainless steel/Aluminium/Silver/Brass/Yellow, red or white gold/Palladium/Platinum/Tantalum/Grade 2 titanium/Grade 5 titanium

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Water jet cutting

To have complete control of the titanium production process, and to achieve the best possible lead times, Joseph Baume SA has recently acquired a water jet cutting machine.

Joseph Baume SA now has the capability to meet new expectations when it comes to cutting a diverse range of materials.

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